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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Furthering a dream

Since arriving in France I have been fortunate to travel and experience many fascinating places--and I hope you've enjoyed the voyages I share here. Right now I'm longing to travel again for a deeper purpose, to teach workshops and perform as I have in the past, expanding my range of possibility to the United Kingdom and other European countries where I have many supportive internet friends and contacts. I would also like to take the first steps toward my ultimate goal of creating an itinerant troupe of nature-based artists and performers whose job would be to help people engage their creative imagination and find a place of energy and joy within themselves and the natural world.

I've always considered my art to be about other people and as such teaching and performing have major roles to play. It has been a great pleasure for me to work with age groups ranging from kindergarten through adults, in venues including museums and botanical garden workshops and teaching appointments at Steiner school and university. My guiding force has always been the joy and vibrant energy available when we look to our creative centers and our connection to the natural world. I believe we can also find a deep peace and sense of purpose there as well, something sorely needed in the world at large.

Now I'd like to ask for your help in getting the word out about a campaign I have created to raise funds for purchasing a reliable used van in which to travel, carry my materials and provide a shelter to support my nomadic arts/performance dream. Your participation doesn't have to involve money-- although any amount would be appreciated no matter the sum--- your help in sharing the campaign via Facebook, Twitter, your blogs, and other social media alone would be very valuable. My campaign page has a full explanation of the project and there are also original art gift perks available for those who do want to be involved financially, beginning with twenty-five dollar contributions and upwards. So here's the link to share and see for yourself:
Many thanks to all of you for reading this and for your support and friendship along the way. Love and creativity to all of you, Diana