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Thursday, January 12, 2012


If you have read some of my earlier posts you will know I have a fascination with the surface of water and the designs to be found there-- like the fleeting evidence of passage traced by waterfowl or the dorsal fins of ghostlike carp in shallow water. The following photos are a series of abstractions made earlier this week with the camera's zoom at greatest power, focused on the surface of a small pond in the Jardin des Plantes.

On that same day I sat and drew by the water's edge and noted on my sketchbook page "I draw beneath a faint and colorless sky, my dreams more clear than the watery winter light, graphite on cream-- an uneasy alliance that will blur with time into a perfect mirror of this day." and "When I am outside nature always says to me 'This is the right place, the perfect time, the right body, the right life'...All is peace."

I also chose to leave a gift, a sort of offering to the natural world and the sense of wonder it inspires. I tucked a tiny fae bed and table with teacup, pipe and candlestick into a small cave inside a rocky hillside grotto-- a sheltered spot, yet in plain view--if one is looking.

fae bed

grotto where the bed is nestled in a tiny cave

So far the only detectable activity has been that on two days the little pedestal table had been moved--the first time simply knocked over, the second carried a foot away and almost out of sight in the narrow tunnels that stretch into the earth of the hillside. Obviously I had invaded someone's home so yesterday I moved both pieces to a more easily visible spot on the grotto rocks a few feet away and will return tomorrow to see what has transpired...