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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something from Nothing?

I spent a few days alone recently at our tiny apartment in Nantes. I began to feel a bit bored by the second day and whilst looking for something to do, I noticed a shopping bag full of magazines sitting beside the trash containers in the courtyard. I took a glimpse, quickly decided that I was neither interested in the women's magazines nor political rhetoric of a certain slant and was on my way. A little while later I had an idea and came back to take a second look. I spent the rest of a happy afternoon with scissors, glue stick and paints altering and cutting pages until I had made three collage sketches (some quick snaps included below). I love the idea of taking something discarded and creating a new life for it. This has been a central concept in much of my work over the years, with natural and found objects and recycled newsprint papier-mache combined to create entirely different (and I hope unexpected) things. I like to see it as a subtle homage to the natural world and a sort of challenging game for creativity.
The Dragonfly Who Fell In Love With the Sun

Undine's Island

Little Witch Consults Her Grimoire To Summon Familiar Spirits

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  1. Boredom seems to suit you well. Very cool stuff.