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Monday, December 6, 2010

Digital Sketchbook

Have been playing a little with images of some of my art whilst recovering from a very nasty case of flu. I am seldom ill and being such a restless soul I have found it a bit melancholy living indoors, in one spot, for an entire week. Write and say hello if you have a moment, whether friend or future (but presently unknown) friend--things feel lonely here-- although as I write I am in a cyber cafe, my elbow being gently accosted by the wet nose of a very large and lovely white German Shepherd. (I love the way animals can come along in European cafes--the US is so hyper about "health" laws it would never happen).
the original fae realm shadow box

"vintage" version
retro hippie version (tee hee)
begun with a photo of work composed of found objects around my grainy photo of a Victorian era child's gravestone, then altered slightly in photoshop
more with the same photo-- a version with different objects--an old music box mechanism, a faded botanical specimen caught in leaded glass, butterfly wing encased in mica, etc
and yet again
 And finally on a more colorful and less melancholy note--- the original papier-mache and found object "mosaic" of the ubiquitous heart in hand motif which is always sneaking into my work and thoughts...
along with another version from photoshop...

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  1. Another gorgeously fantastical journey. Thank you so much for showing these.