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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mushroom Tales and Autumn Days

Tomorrow I set my sights on the west and travel by train away from Burgundy and the countryside of ponies and white Charolais cattle where I have spent the last month--away from forests laden with mushrooms where the sweet scent of evergreens and the muddy tracks of wild pigs rise up to meet the fog shrouded hills.
I wanted to share with you the simple beauty of the many walks that marked my days here and some stops I made along the way to play with pattern and the beautiful colors of fall flowers and leaves. 



  1. Oh goodness....every single one of these photos is gorgeous. Just when I thought I had a favorite, another one comes to take the lead. I adore your creation photos with the flora and leaves. The countryside is like none I have seen before and then there are the awesome mushrooms and fungi...oh my. What a tapestry your life is with all these adventures. Great to hear about it all, Oma Linda

  2. Superbe découverte et très bel univers poétique..............
    Betty ♥