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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A collection of random French photos--Spring and other things...

Lately I've been dogged by a strange mood that has kept me unable and unwilling to make art. I am trying to be gentle with myself but I don't enjoy creative inactivity. All I've been able to accomplish in recent days seems to be the digital equivalent of reams of photos--mostly subjects I would normally consider cliche but currently view as an antidote to my admittedly mild but unpleasant state of mind, be it caused by depression, boredom or what have you. Sometimes living within another country and culture can take its toll no matter how lovely the place. There is always a certain sense of being an outsider and alone. I'm also the caregiver for someone who is nearly six month's way into an eleven month long treatment for a serious illness. I know this responsibility alone could be enough to push down my normally optimistic state despite recognizing all I have to be grateful for in my life and the lovely commencement of Spring here.

I hope sharing this group of photos will provide a bit of interest for those who care to look a little closer at the world as I experience it visually. I view them as my mood elevators--- and I hope you will too.


And I'll leave you with a couple in a different mood...


  1. Diana: The ducks, the flowers, the scenes are all wonderful and yes, your view of the world did lift my spirits just from the viewing. I hope you will find that spark that enables you to be on top of your game. All of what you mentioned does indeed take it's toll on our emotions. Be well, find joy and thank you for sharing your view with me. I always love my visit with you. Oma Linda

    1. Thank you so much Linda-- It's always good to hear from you!