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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shadow Play

Last autumn I created a group of shadow puppets for the telling of a contemporary fairytale and finally, in May, was able to see the end result performance at a theatre near my home in Nantes. The shadow show is part of a larger work entitled "Les Fabuleuses Histoires du Fabularium", a charming piece full of humour and accordion music performed by Les Aretes du Biftek troupe:

Below is the princess character minus her control rods...

She is beloved of the wolf, a dandified fellow who in some ways might not be all bad, although still obsessed with harassing pigs...

Here they are in performance...

And we all hope they lived happily ever after...
Or in the meanwhile at least had a very good time...


  1. The shadow puppets are fantastic Diana!
    I don't know how you made them with such fine detail and clean lines. They are perfect in everyway. The wolf is perticularly handsome! :-)
    Wish I could visit you in France and see the show.
    It was lovely to stop by and see this post. You are such a talented lady. xx

  2. Thanks so much! Wish you could see the show too--It would be lovely to have you visit here!xXx