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Friday, April 30, 2010


Since the naughty blog gremlin stole in and wouldn't let me complete my post as planned I will use this post script to share the almost finished puppet I previewed yesterday. She is designed to be worn over one extended hand and arm while the operator's other hand controls the rods to the puppet's hands and articulated arms. (At this point she still lacks finished hands and rods for manipulation). If the body appears a bit flat it is because it's designed to be "fleshed out" so to speak, by the operator's arm and hand---and since no one was around to model and my own arm not long enough you'll have to use your imagination to provide her rightful form. (Whew!!! There were an awful lot of "hands" and "arms" in there!!!).

And lastly, the mystery flower from the front yard of our borrowed house finally showed itself to be a lovely iris. Happy May Day to all !!!

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