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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Walk in Nantes: July 24, 2012

angel fresco in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Nantes, France
Walking is something I do a lot of, wherever I may find myself. Not only does it get me where I need to go in a guilt free, non polluting manner, the route provides an endless stream of beautiful and fascinating things to observe and is a calming form of moving meditation. Whenever I feel agitated my daily walks pacify me and help to put my life in perspective. Most of all I love to share the things I observe along the way, mainly recording impressions through photos. 

On this particular sunny day in late July my first stop was the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, a small Gothic edifice tucked into a cobbled side street nearby. The interior provides views of  fresco fragments, decorative wall treatments in various states of decay, small carvings tucked up high in the arches and a glimpse down through a window in the floor to a late medieval tomb crypt.
late afternoon sun throws stained glass colours on the floor tiles

and on a rather graceless, over life size and badly eroded Virgin trampling a serpent underfoot
so many centuries of change have left their mark, however fragmented
carved wall panels with biblical scenes
a detail view of purgatory from a large painting
a fresco wall inscription
a carved stone figure curls in a corner, high up among the arches

a neglected side chapel with lovely, decaying decorative painting
chapel detail
 a memorial with winged vanitas skull
a niche behind the altar bears the scar of a sculpture base
close up of a stone dragon on high
another side chapel with lovely gold stars across the vault of blue "heaven"
the base of an ornately carved pulpit
votive plaques offered in gratitude for answered prayers
another empty sculpture niche among votive offerings
view of a side chapel and the main altar to the left
another memorial and reminder of mortality
on my way out I spotted this charming fox-like creature at the termination of an arch high on the wall
 on a back street--- for me this image tells a story that changes each time I look
I like to take a back route to the Jardin des Plantes and this flowered summer dress drying on a tiny balcony caught my eye...
Arriving at the Jardin was a complete change of gears--from frozen stone and death's heads to young animals and the warmth of hundreds of miniature suns sharing their bounty with a full court of bees in attendance...
coot chick
carnivorous pitcher plants in the afternoon sun
turtles soaking up the sun
a fairy waterfall in the Jardin des Plantes


  1. What I love about you Diana is that you find the magic in everything. It's all touched with the hand of Fae through your eyes. What a delight!!!!

  2. LOVE your sunflower pics Diana!! Beautiful!!
    ~ Selena.