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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Faery Crowns

Thought I'd share a bit of what I've been making lately with natural materials...
Recently, for the first time, I've tried my hand at faery crown making. Here are some photos of the first two crowns I made. They are available as custom orders on my Pandora Jane shop and I've sold several already! They are quite sturdy so they can actually be securely worn for faery festivals, Rennaissance fests, parties and creative weddings. The crowns also look quite nice displayed on a shelf or in a cabinet of collectibles.
Here is the first one I made:

Kindly modeled by my lovely daughter

The second crown was a request from a friend, who asked for something a little more compact and with a bit of her favourite colour included. (Yes, it can be annoying if one is always getting wings and crowns snarled up in the household furnishings or poking one's friends whilst giving a hug!) So this one is a bit smaller---12 centimeters across the base---and is made from twigs, seashells and soft pink flamingo feathers I picked up on one of my sojourns in the South of France.

For some time now I had contemplated making a fae sized gramophone record player, maybe because I am in love with the human size version and only wish they weren't so pricey. The idea of listening to all those scratchy old discs with no need for electricity seems perfect for a picnic in the country and some impromptu waltzing beneath the trees, togged up in lovely Edwardian style.

Then there was a faery kitchen table that emerged, all ready for tea-time. The chair has a lovely green, velvety wisteria pod as its back panel and a tiny walnut shell basket sits nearby.

And lastly a faery girl, all in natural materials at the request of one of my regular customers on Pandora Jane.

If you'd like to see more please stop by for a visit at my Pandora Jane shop on Etsy. There are lots and lots of different photos of fae items both for sale and under the archive of sold pieces, which you can click to view in the shop's sidebar. (To go to my shop from here just click on the blog's sidebar link to the right under "Diana's etsy shops"--for some reason I'm having trouble making a clickable link today).


  1. The creations are wonderful. You are as ever, so very attuned to faerie wear and furnishings. Beautiful. Oma Linda

    1. Thanks so much Linda! Your comments are always appreciated!

  2. What beautuful crowns and that fae gramaphone is just gorgeous. Ther is such magic in things that reqiuire no electicity and the scratchiness of the records adds a real human element to the sound. i bet they are pretty hard to come by now! Take care, Lisa

  3. Delightful pieces, Diana! The crowns are perfect. Everything's perfect actually! I have a plain wooden dollhouse I bought for my granddaughter and I want to make it over faerie style ~ the workshop you gave at the Conservatory so long ago now still fuels me! As does your blog.

    1. Thank you Meg!I hope you have a wonderful time decorating the dollhouse---I've long thought it would be great fun to have one of the really simple wooden houses to use as a base for fae styling. Lucky granddaughter!