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Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring has officially arrived and brought with it a trio of new goat kids at the Jardin des Plantes...

I've added a few spring favourites to my "micro garden" outside the apartment door...



 And soon it will be time to find places for everyone out of doors in the courtyard...
Inside the cats are still in their cozy winter mode, sleeping much and taking over all the most comfy chairs for long siestas.

Twiggy Miranda in her favourite place...

There's not much room here but still I manage to make and do quite a lot... This week began with some new fae furniture coming into the human world...
A fae seamstress' work table with tiny hand crank sewing machine, vintage style.

 A fae reader's corner for curling up with a good book and a cup of tea.

 A fae fireplace with cheery flames cut from dried Chinese lantern flowers and a basket of logs close at hand.

 I have also begun experimenting with some lovely naturally twisty wood, copper and quartz to make fae wands. ( Available on my Artemis Jane shop: ).

Come and visit again soon...Flea market dolls await...

as do vintage bottles---mind the mischievous faery trying to squeeze free!---

and a shelf full of art and magical things..

Wishing you all a joyful spring!


  1. oh you have enchanted me again. Love your vessel garden, your cats all warm and snuggly and your magickal art. I hope spring blesses you with more of everything you desire, Oma Linda

  2. Thank you so much Linda! Wishing you a magical spring!

  3. Hi Diana,
    I'm so pleased to have found you here and to see what you are creating. I love the new fae furniture and the wand is very special too!
    You live in a magical place with fantastic colours around you.
    Spring blessings!
    P.S. Do you have a followers box so I can follow you here? If you don't, I can add you to my blogroll if you like instead! :-)

  4. Hi Joanne--Thank you for visiting and commenting--you can either join here or add to your blogroll. I don't have a public post of followers on the page at the moment but perhaps I should consider changing that--I've been away from blogging the past year and need to update some things here! :)